Thursday, February 16, 2006

Recruiters are delicate creatures

Sometimes I forget that IT recruiters don't quite have the same worldly experience that some of us have. My resume details my chequered past, and I have had to sanitise it a bit, so as not to possibly offend potential employers. There are two positions on my resume that have the place of work as "Confidential".

So I am at a recruitment office this morning, and this is the way it went, after the usual round of recruiter chit chat about roles and the company.

This recruiter asked me "Did you have to sign an NDA at these companies not to name them?"
To which I replied "One of them I did."
"What about the 2nd one that's marked confidential?"
"It was a porn company", I say unprepared for what is coming next.

Coffee squirts from her nose, all over her copy of my resume. "What were you doing there!" she spluttered.
"Well I wasn't stripping" I say wondering what the hell she thought an IT guy was doing there.
"OK well I think we should leave that one as confidential, and never mention it to anyone."
I agree with her, and can tell she wishes she hadn't asked. I don't think she'll never ask anyone that question ever again.

I only wish she'd asked me for more details. That's for another day though.

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